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Confident Caesarean


A confident cesarean is one that is planned and executed in a way that empowers the mother and gives her a sense of control over her birth experience. This may involve:

  • Making informed choices about her care: The mother should be included in all decision-making about her birth, including the type of anesthesia she receives, whether she wants skin-to-skin contact with her baby immediately after birth, and whether she wants her partner to be present in the operating room.
  • Having a supportive birth team: The mother should have a team of healthcare providers who are respectful of her wishes and who will support her in having a positive birth experience. This may include a doula, a midwife, or a nurse practitioner.
  • Using relaxation techniques: The mother can use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization to help her stay calm and relaxed during the surgery.
  • Having a positive attitude: The mother can focus on the positive aspects of her birth, such as the fact that she is about to meet her baby and that she is in the hands of a skilled team of healthcare professionals.

A confident cesarean can be a very positive and empowering experience for the mother. It is important to remember that a cesarean section is a major surgery, but it is also a very safe and common procedure. With the right support and preparation, mothers can have a confident and positive cesarean birth experience.

Here are some tips for having a confident cesarean:

  • Educate yourself about the procedure and your options.
  • Discuss your wishes with your healthcare provider in advance.
  • Choose a supportive birth team.
  • Use relaxation techniques during the surgery.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of your birth.

Remember, you are the expert on your own body and your own birth. You have the right to make choices about your care and to have a birth experience that is positive for you and your baby.

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